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By using the Biosecurity Early Notification System, you can report incidents related to animal health and legislations, agricultural pests, food safety, and food con tact surfaces safety.

Food Safety Notifications

Report safety of food products in the UAE by reporting the following violations: Trading food in unhealthy conditions or in inappropriate storage conditions, Fraudulent, misleading to the consumer, or contaminated food (apparent defect) or expired, a case of food poisoning or food that caused an allergic reaction after consumption, Verify a rumor about food, Food tag or a product contrary to public morals, Non-Halal Food.

Report Food safety incident

Animal Development and Health Notifications

Report animal diseases or violations of animal legislation (animal welfare, possession of dangerous animals, veterinary products, veterinary installations), or animal consignment in violation of the requirements and conditions in force in the UAE.

Report Animal health incident Report Animal legislations violations incident

Agricultural Development and Health Notifications

Report agricultural pests such as red palm weevil, Dobas insect, al hamirah, and stem and stalk borers. Using advanced systems, tools and equipment, these pests can be detected and controlled, and infected trees can be treated using specialized and environmentally friendly insecticides.

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